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Awaken to the Sound of your Soul

Meet Melissa


Melissa Deer Heart has spent the last 8 years opening her heart to the unseen world. Through her training in the art of Holistic healing modalities and an openness to the great teaching of life experience.


She believes we are born into this world with our own unique heart hum. The song which we share in this world. The song that calls us into being.

From birth to death, this song is the anchor that weaves the soul into the physical and is released back into the whole when this life is complete. It is her great honour to be a part of this journey and in service to remembering the soul sound within.



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Reiki Healing
Sol Sound Healing Melissa Cave
Collecting Pollen from Flower
Singing Bowl

My learning journey


Beginning in 2014 with a Reiki healing level 1 and completing her Reiki 3 Master course a year later. Continuing this passion for learning through many more courses, workshops, and training. To include a 200hr Yoga TT, Theta healing, and in 2018 finding the path to Sound Healing. The doorway to the beautiful path of sound began with a single crystal bowl and a desire to listen to the teachings of Spirit.


This led to a 25 hr Intro Sound course and has continued with a level 1 & 2 sound wellness training followed by an Inner sound healing workshop. In 2019, a trip to London opened the door to learning the art of Shamanic teachings through a course called The way of the Melissae.


Steeping deeper on the path and to further this walk with Spirit, in 2020 the call to the Five Element Medicine Path came forward. This followed with another call to the Andean Shamanic teachings of the Mesa in 2021. Both of which she is currently engaged in. Forever a student, remembering a simple truth, we are sound.



Reiki Master


Sound Healing

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200 hr Yoga Teacher


Shamanic Healing


Theta Healing


Five Element Healing


Contact Us

Melissa Deer Heart

Calgary Alberta

Tel: 587-969-1070


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